Types of Work Involved

  • RoofingRoofing
  • SteelworkSteelwork

The Project

Adamson Construction were awarded the contract to remove out of date and damaged Sika-Trocal roof membrane and to increase inadequate 95mm insulation and replace with 200mm Rockwool insulation. The total roof covered an area of 4300m².

The challenge was that the roof was in the middle of a factory with no easy access. The project also had to be carried out in autumn with strict instructions to prevent water ingress during works.

Prior to works starting, a scaffold had to be built with a loading platform which was 200m away from the roof, with a walkway across northern light roofs. All the new material had to be loaded onto the platform and transported across the roof and waste material taken down in the same way.

The new membrane was Sika-Trocal VG 1.8 and the insulation was Rockwool Hardrock 200mm thick. The area had to remain watertight at all times as the factory was in use below so sections of membrane and insulation were removed and replaced and the roof was sealed and left watertight at the end of every day. Walkways vents and adjoining walls and trims had to be replaced as the works progressed.

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