Types of Work Involved

  • FlooringFlooring
  • Groundwork & Civil EngineeringGroundwork & Civil Engineering
  • RefurbRefurb
  • SteelworkSteelwork

The Project

Our client required a new heavy-duty resin floor in the centre of a fully operational confectionary factory. The floor was to be a seamless, hygienic, hardwearing and heavy-duty floor. The subfloor needed to be repaired where necessary and drainage removed and replaced where necessary. In addition, manhole covers also required replacing where necessary.

The major considerations with this type of work involved protecting the food product in areas around the site whilst building work is in operation. This includes keeping the clients staff segregated and safe from the work area, with as little disruption as possible to enable them to continue production at optimum levels.

The site setup was key here and consideration was given to the potential problems highlighted in the planning phase by fully segregating the site using a scaffold structure surrounded by flameproof sheeting. The air in the new tented area was then controlled by extraction fans in a system designed to create negative pressure to remove any air particles and stop contamination. Barriers and site signage were also put in place.

A survey of the floor was carried out and the damaged areas were highlighted. In areas with poor substrate or where drainage needed removal these areas were removed and backfilled using concrete or screed as required. Drainage and manholes were installed as per the specification with the surface of the manhole infilled to bring up to substrate level. In areas slightly below the required depth, an epoxy industrial top was laid to make up the floor and to level all areas. Finally in all areas including where the substrate was adequate the floor was ground using an HTC floor grinder and extraction unit to remove any laitance and ensure there is sufficient bond when the floor is primed.

After epoxy priming, the epoxy resin Mondéco Earth floor was laid to product specification and to existing floor level as specified by the client. The surface of the cured Mondéco Earth was then dry ground using a heavy diamond grinder with 25 grit diamond tools before a second grind with 100 grit diamond tools was done. Grout was applied to fill in pinholes, then the area ground again to remove any surplus. Finally, two coats of sealer were applied to finish the floor. The area was cleaned thoroughly and then careful removal of the safety sheeting was carried out whilst ensuring no contamination of surrounding areas.

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