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The Project

Adamson Construction was contracted to refurbish the leaded roof surface with a Belzona specified method and material.

The existing leaded roof covering was in poor condition due to exposure to Ultra Violet light and harsh weather conditions. This was causing damp issues inside the building due to water ingress.

The solution was to clear and clean the existing roof of all debris. The roof surface was cleaned and scrubbed with an Antifungal wash. The Lead was then primed with a GSC primer and allowed to cure. Bridging tape was adhered to any joints in the Lead sheeting as well as any other joints. The Belzona summer grade membrane was then applied by roller and brush and allowed to cure. A second coat was applied to ensure all pinholes etc. were filled throughout.

Fibreglass reinforced liquid applied roofing membranes give a superior roof surface as the membrane is a seamless coating. Felted systems are jointed every meter and this will be prone to leaks later in life. The System life can be easily increased by re-coating to the Manufacturer’s specification before its 10-year limit is reached giving a further 5-10 years, dependant on requirements.

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