Types of Work Involved

  • BrickworkBrickwork
  • Plastering & RenderingPlastering & Rendering
  • RoofingRoofing

The Project

Adamson Construction was contracted to repair a flat roof including the cracked and damaged leaded details.

The flat roofing had deteriorated due to age and exposure to thermal movement and the lead-lined gutters, lead bonnet details and ridge details were all cracked causing water ingress. Stone copings required full repointing where the existing jointing had fallen out causing water saturation to the mini parapet walling.

Flat Roofs, Ridge, Hips and Gutters; All debris and trailing ariel leads were removed and the area was jet washed and cleaned with Belzona 9111 Bio wash. The brickwork was pointed where required on the inside of the parapet. The render on the walls was hacked off and blown render replaced adjacent to the flat roof. The holes in the lead were then filled with Belzona E.S Stick. Bridging tape was then applied to lead/brickwork interfaces and a general surface conditioner to all painted surfaces. Finally, 2 coats of winter-grade Belzona 3131 were applied and fully reinforced with Belzona matting into the first coat.

Porch Roof; The lead was raked out, jet/bio-washed and Belzona TX Conditioner was applied before it was in-filled with high build resin and primed with GSC Conditioner. 2 coats of winter-grade Belzona 3131 were then applied and fully reinforced with Belzona matting into first coat.

Coping Stones; The failed perpendicular joints were raked out to a depth of 10-12mm. Dust was removed and edge tapes applied before TX Conditioner applied. Finally, a high build Belzona 4141 was applied to point the stones to blend in with the existing joints.

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