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Surge in Demand for Concrete Admixtures as the Focus is on “Construction Quality”


Cement is the most common binding material used in construction activities. It is mixed with crushed rocks, sand and water in specific proportion to create concrete.

Admixtures are chemicals that are added to concrete at the initial mixing stage to enhance or modify the working properties of the mix. They increase compressive strength, workability & durability and reduce the water content within the cement.


There are many cement admixtures available, here are three of the most common types of admixtures you will find on the market:

– Sulfonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde (SNF)
– Sulfonated Melamine Formaldehyde (SMF)
– Polycarboxylate Ether (PCE)


Optimum use of admixtures depends on several factors:

– Type of cement
– Amount of cement used
– Working temperature of concrete
– Air and water content


Developers, engineers, contractors, builders, architects use cement admixtures for:

– Corrosion resistance
– Reduced permeability
– Improved resistance to chemical attack
– Effective placement of concrete in extreme weather conditions
– Effective underwater placement of concrete


The demand for concrete admixtures is directly related to cement consumption trends. Some of the drivers of the concrete admixtures market are improving quality of construction in developing economies, increasing demand for high rise buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels and dams.

Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific:

– Growing residential requirements and urbanisation trend is creating high market opportunities for concrete admixture manufacturer
– Repair and maintenance applications also provide potential opportunities, supported by increase in renovation and repair activities
– This has seen a double-digit growth rate for concrete admixture consumption
– Asia Pacific is expected to hold the market share of over two-thirds of the total global admixtures market
– Various factors such as foreign direct investment (FDI) in developing markets such as India and China is providing new market opportunities in the concrete admixtures market

Europe and North America:

– The gradual aging of the housing stock is offering major opportunities for concrete admixtures market.


– The development of mid-range water reducers
– Concrete mixtures that contain up to 85% recycled material
– An additive called Elemix, which consists of expanded polystyrene beads, allowing the creation of a lighter weight concrete with the same structural strength, while enhancing its thermal properties, retarding properties and cracking resistance.

A number of changes in the construction industry have added impetus for manufacturers and contractors to follow sustainability and green building codes. Concrete admixtures have evolved over the past few decades and with growth in the construction industry globally and development of new construction techniques, concrete building systems are becoming more durable and sustainable using environmental friendly techniques.

Contact Adamson Construction for further details on cement admixtures and other ways we are improving the ‘Quality of Construction’.

Top Tips for Metal Building Maintenance


Inspect your Building

1. Inspect your building twice a year, looking for any damage or changes that may have appeared since your last inspection.

2. After any renovation or extreme weather, inspect your building to allow you to keep an eye out for any small changes, so you can fix them immediately before it turns into a larger scale project.

3. Establish a regular maintenance schedule for your building, putting inspection dates into your calendar at times during the year that make sense with the local climate. For example:
– A date in spring allows the inspection to find any damage that might have been caused by winter weather.
– A date date scheduled in autumn will help ensure the building is ready to withstand whatever the winter weather may bring.

4. Keep a clear record of any maintenance and include:
– Inspection dates and results.
– Date and nature of any repairs made.
– Whether any materials or equipment was purchased (include the receipts and warranty info).- Documentation of any repairs or renovations with photos.
– Contact information for all contractors who carried out the work.

Repair the Damage

1. Scratched steel panels should be primed and painted to prevent future corrosion.
– Remember to make a note if there was a repair and where the repair was located so it can be double checked on the next inspection.
– Eliminate things adjacent to the building that might cause scratching, for example a nearby tree branch that sways in the wind.

2. Water is the most common threat to every building of every construction type.
– It is important to keep moisture out of the walls and the ceiling as it causes corrosion, mould and bacteria growth. In turn weakening and warping the surface materials, and deteriorating the foundation.
– When it rains, take the opportunity to inspect for leaks from the interior. If any are found, trace them and seal the exterior source. Also make sure that any moisture which has made it into walls or ceilings is allowed (even encouraged) to leave.
– Eliminate places around the building where water can gather, to prevent both leaks into the building and damage to the foundation.

3. Prevent excessive build up of snow on the roof.
– The weight can bend metal panels, so redirect as much precipitation as possible away from building.

Clean your Building

1. Once you know your building is successfully keeping moisture out, it’s a good idea to wash the building once a year.

2. Removing any dirt, soot, or organic matter that has accumulated can preserve the appearance of your building and prevent it from becoming stained or blemished. It will also stop the growth of fungus or other undesirable microbes.

3. Before washing the building, always test your cleansing solution in a concealed or inconspicuous area for compatibility.

If you follow these easy maintenance steps, you will keep your metal building system looking attractive and performing properly for many years.

Contact us at Adamson Construction for further details or if you require assistance for putting a plan in place for the maintenance of your metal building.

Paint Company Unveils Bacteria Killing Product for Hospitals


Each year healthcare-associated infections in Europe alone cost hospitals €7billion. Studies over the years have found that hospitals and healthcare facilities are infested with bacteria such as MRSA, E. coli and Staph, resulting in one in 25 patients being infected by one of these bacteria during their hospital stay. Not only are such infections extremely costly, but they are also a major cause of hospital deaths.

Help is at hand though, as one company unveils its solution in the form of…paint.

‘Sherwin Williams’ claims it’s product ‘Paint Sheild’ kills over 99.9% of these bacteria within two hours of touching the painted surface and also reduces the growth of common microbes.

Chris Connor of ‘Sherwin-Williams’ has claimed it as “One of the most significant technological breakthroughs in our nearly 150 year history of innovation”. “By killing infectious pathogens on painted surfaces, ‘Paint Shield’ is a game-changing advancement in coatings technology”.

According to the statement released from ‘Sherwin-Williams’, the paint can be used on “hard, non-porous ceilings, walls, doors, and trims” and is effective for up to four years.

The paint company also advises that the paint is safe to use in gyms, day care centres, schools, hotels, cruise ships and homes.

At Adamson Construction, we are looking forward to the release of this new interior paint in 2016 and will be a great new product to enhance our offering to our clients and ensure we are continuing to work with the latest technologies available.

Adamson Health


Our Health Division goes from strength to strength. We are carrying out regular work for the NHS and are tendering and winning projects within the wider Health care sector as well. We provide a reactive service as well as planned work.

One of our strengths in this sector is our understanding of HTM (Health Technical Memorandum) & HBN (Health Building Note). It enables us to understand the questions that need to be asked at the design stage, involving the right departments to find the right solutions.

Slough Shopping Centre Public Toilets


We are pleased to announce another successful project outcome for our valued client, Criterion. The public toilets and family room were in a state of dis-repair and in much need of refurbishment.

The job was on a tight time line of 6 weeks, we had the added difficulty of carrying out the works in two phases so that there wasn’t too much pressure on our client providing alternative facility’s for their customers. Works were CDM notifiable and carried out in 6 weeks. Client was impressed as well as positive feedback from the general public.

CDM 2015. Are you ready…we are!

Adamson have attended a seminar with their H&S advisors, 4SEE to bring us up to speed with the new regulations. We are well versed in aspects of the changes and are able to help all our clients with the understanding and implementation of the new laws.

There are some fundamental changes to take into account and we are in the situation to advise and continue working safely, and professionally.

All Power to you…. And us


Our much valued client, SSE has been keeping our Civil engineering department and everyone else, electrified. ACE (Adamson Civil Engineering) provides a constant service to them, excavating very carefully all around the trading estate to help them to continue the excellent service that they provide for the commercial and wider community as a whole. We are currently carrying out projects at their reservoir as well.

Adamson and GMP


Our GMP clients, in the Pharmaceutical and Food sector have been keeping us busy. We have just concluded a large civil engineering contract which involved boundary security fencing, several hundred meters of brick paving, large plinths for a gas compound, that included a bespoke pipe bridge of 100m in length, demolition of an exterior temporary building and install of new bespoke high security door sets for a pharmaceutical client. High spec work that will be on several case studies on our website shortly.

Meanwhile at one of our food manufactures sites we have won a large resin floor lay of several hundred metres, along with providing them daily with a high level of reactive works and other civil and building fabric services to help them maintain and deliver their production outputs.

Its in the air


Our SHE Officer has just returned from a 3 day “Personal air sampling and gas detection” course.

Many people are exposed to a variety of hazardous substances, through their normal activities at work. These range from chemicals and dust, to fume and fibres. These substances if not controlled effectively can have a harmful effect on human health.

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) require organisations to identify and monitor hazardous substances. The levels of harmful substances need to be ascertained in order to ensure compliance with workplace exposure limits contained within HSE guidance note EH40.

Part of the regulations under COSHH is to measure the concentration of hazardous airborne substances, such as dust fume or vapour. Adamson Construction can now carry out air monitoring to ensure that we comply with the legal requirements. We will be monitoring our workforce exposure to chemicals and provide a sampling process to establish whether health limits are being exposed.

Training, Training and More Training


Adamson flooring as well as all our specialist areas never sits on its laurels. We believe in the constant advancement of all our staff. We are off to Manchester for a couple of days to one of our suppliers, (FLOWCRETE) to their training base to get our approval status for laying another of their materials, FLOWFAST.

This will be another string to our bow, along with MONDECO as we believe that standing still, gets us nowhere. This is our philosophy with all our staff, the right people with the right training on the right job, doing it right, first time.