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​Looking for inspiration for refurbishment projects within your education facility?

Looking for inspiration for refurbishment projects within your education facility? …take a look through three of our case studies where we show you how we have helped transform some local schools. Within these we discuss the task our customer addressed us with, the solutions we presented to our customer to resolve these and how we went about completing the project. You will also find lots of useful photos to show the finished results along with a list of all the trades involved in the construction work.

School Classroom and Entrance Renovation

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School Maintenance and Refurbishment

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School Classroom and Toilets Renovation

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Feeling inspired, why not take a look at some of our other case studies to see how we have resolved your construction problems or call our team today on 01753 534826 to discuss your construction project and discover how we can help you.

The most common disruptions reported by schools during construction projects and how we work to resolve these


With over 25 years of construction experience in the education sector, at Adamson Construction we have a deep understanding of the constraints and compliance issues that can arise within your education facility.

We have listed below the most common disruptions reported by schools during construction projects and how we work to resolve these as part of your project:

Dust and dirt

Problem: Apart from being particularly uncomfortable, airborne dust and dirt can give rise to medical complaints leading to staff and pupil absences.

Resolution: We can liaise with you prior to the work commencing the options of locating classrooms which require natural ventilation away from construction activities and ensuring the constructing and maintaining of seals in affected areas can help to minimise the ingress of dust and dirt. In some cases, it may be appropriate to arrange additional cleaning for the school during the project.


Problem: Health and Safety regulations ensure that noise levels will not be hazardous to health, but they may still be extremely distracting.

Resolution: Where construction works are in close proximity to the school, we will agree with you before the work commences whether we will need to be excluded from undertaking certain noisy activities during particular periods such as exams.

Distractions from increased traffic, both vehicular and personnel

Problem: Continuous distractions from construction works.

Resolution: In order to avoid continuing distraction, we always ensure site activities are appropriately screened and discuss options as to whether it may be possible to locate particularly sensitive school classes and activities away from the main site access and construction works. This decision will be agreed between yourselves and us prior to the work commencing.

Frequent changes to access points and circulation routes

Problem: The need to advise school users of continuing changes in access arrangements can be disruptive and resource intensive.

Resolution: This will be considered and agreed between you and ourselves during the planned phasing sequences of the construction works.

Planned and unplanned interruptions to water, gas, power, ICT services

Problem: Loss of gas and power supplies interrupts lesson times

Resolution: Prior consultation and contingency planning with ourselves and staff about the consequences of a particular service failure or disconnection, will allow the school to better manage these situations in the event they occur.

Reduced playground space, loss of playing fields and car parking

Problem: The loss of amenities during the construction process is often an unavoidable source of inconvenience to school users.

Resolution: Early consultation with ourselves and those who are affected, will provide the opportunity to investigate and implement safe alternatives.

Health & Safety is fundamental to how jobs and projects are planned and carried out. We are committed to providing a safe working environment for all our employees and anyone affected by our works. We pride ourselves on customer care and always go the extra mile.

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