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5 Construction Industry Trends to Look Out For in 2016


5 Construction Industry Trends to Look Out For in 2016

2015 has now come and gone, so construction professionals are focusing their attention on the year ahead. As ‘DDA’s 2016 Construction Outlook Report’ predicted a 6% growth, with the value of construction reaching an estimated £495 billion, 2016 is predicted to be a strong year for the industry.

Here are the top 5 trends to look out for in 2016, according to the Analysts:

1. Prefab/offsite construction methods will become more popular

Offsite (also known as modular or prefabricated) construction has been gaining ground as an alternative building method that offers the benefits of reduced construction time, less waste and possible cost savings.

2. Building Information Modelling (BIM) will become a necessity, and owner interest in the technology will grow

Building Information Modeling has been a growing trend for years, as it is no longer relegated to just the largest firms. Experts have said BIM provides tangible business benefits, no matter what level of implementation. Many have cited BIM’s ability to provide more consistent, more accurate and less time-consuming project document generation. In addition, BIM users can expect better collaboration and coordination among the different parties involved in a project, according to industry users.

3. Green building will grow in commercial and residential sectors

Commercial construction has typically led the pack in green adoption, but the residential sector is starting to catch up. The growing trend in both sectors is driven not just by a desire to produce environmentally friendly structures, but by consumer demand, higher-quality results and lifecycle cost savings, according to experts at ‘Greenbuild 2015’.

4. Laser scanning technology will gain popularity

Although BIM tends to dominate the construction technology narrative, experts pointed to another emerging technology that is having a significant impact on the industry: laser scanning. 3-D laser scanners can create a digital reproduction of the dimensions and positions of objects in a certain space, and then turn that information into a point cloud image.

5. Homebuyers will seek out simple, walkable communities

Last month, the ‘AIA’ released the results of its third-quarter ‘Home Design Trends Survey’ and found that design elements such as access to public transportation, multi-generational housing, walkable neighbourhoods and mixed-use facilities dominate homeowner preferences.

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Safecontractor Accreditation – What does this mean for Adamson?


Safecontractor Accreditation – What does this mean for Adamson?

Adamson are proud to have been awarded our accreditation with Safecontractor, to support our health & safety procedures of our construction work on-site.

Safecontractor is a leading health and safety assessment scheme, with just over 24,000 contractors supporting the scheme, so with their growing membership in the UK, they provide high quality, value added benefit to our business.

What does this accreditation mean for Adamson?

Safecontractor is a health and safety assessment scheme that is recognised all over the UK. The standards cover core elements including health and safety policies, risk assessment and first aid.

Construction companies, like ourselves, use Safecontractor to reduce risk as well as developing and maintaining our approved contractor and service provider lists. With legislation placing an ever-increasing burden on businesses to ensure the health and safety competency of contractors providing services whilst on-site, it is vital to have a reliable system in place.

More than ever, there is a need to determine how seriously we, as a business, take health and safety, so a Safecontractor accreditation professionally assesses the suitability of our arrangements.

Should you require further details on our Safecontractor accreditation or any other of our accreditations awarded to us, please contact us today.