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Mark Newell

Contracts Manager
ACP Department Head

Summary of job role:
As a Contracts Manager and Head of Adamson Construction Projects (ACP) at Adamson Construction, I am responsible at a strategic level for the growth and development of the ACP department. I also have a daily operational planning role and I am involved in all contracts in the department from receipt of tender enquiry to completion and handover along with our Site Management teams.
I am there to support and advise managers in the department and to liaise with clients to ensure we can deliver a project on time, in budget and tailored to meet the client’s expectations of how we should be delivering their requirements.
With my background as a Quantity Surveyor and with over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry, I also support other departments in the company with regards to contract and commercial activities.
We are aiming to develop ACP to be able to deliver multiple projects simultaneously for clients that have a requirement for a top quality project delivered professionally to their expectations.

Key disciplines:
Tender Preparation
Project Planning
Construction Management
Contract and Commercial Matters

Years of experience within the construction industry: 
32 Years

(Not necessarily in that order!)

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